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Return Policy

Returns made to the LSC Store MUST be made within 5 business days from date of purchase.

You MUST have your original receipt in order to return any book or item.

Your book(s) MUST be in perfect condition . If you purchased your book with a shrink-wrap cover, it must still be shrink-wrapped when you return it.

Computer discs/CDs, drafting, electronics, computers, software, and engineering kits cannot be returned. NO EXCEPTIONS - Sorry!

Missed your return window?

You can sell your books at the Book Buy Back - usually during finals week of any semester and often at the beginning of each as well.

If you need to sell your books sooner you can do so via Online Book Buy Back. You will be sent a prepaid shipping label so that you do not need to cover the cost to ship the books to the buyer.

The Lake Superior college store never purchases books back from students.

How will you receive your refund

  • If you paid with check you will have to wait for up to six weeks before your refund will be mailed to you. Your refund isn't mailed from our store. It is processed through our student payment office. Please do not ask about your refund until you've waited 6 weeks.

  • If you owe LSC tuition or fees, your LSC Store refund will be automatically applied to your unpaid balance at LSC. Therefore, you would not receive a refund in the mail.

  • If your original purchase was made by using a credit card/debit card, your refund will be applied back to the account on the card you used. If you paid in cash you will receive cash back.

  • If you charged your merchandise against financial aid or other agency funding, your refund will be credited back to that funding and you will not receive a check refund.
  • HOURS:
  • 7:30AM-4:00PM