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1. What are the options for all my used books?

  • Sell them back using the Online Buyback option which can be found on the LSC Store web page or the direct link is
  • Sell them to other students by utilizing the Campus Marketplace which can be found on the LSC Store web page or the direct link is
  • Post them by using the Textbook BuyBack and Selling bulletin board located in the hallway outside of the LSC Store.
  • Sell them during the Used Book Buyback. Your LSC Store arranges a "Used Book Buyback" three times each year. The first buy is done during final exam week of the fall semester, which is normally December. The second buy is done during the final exam week of the spring semester, which is normally in May. The summer buy back is normally in July. The student book buy is ALWAYS scheduled during the week of final exams. Be sure to check out the LSC Store web page for any updates at

2. How does shipping work regarding my orders through the LSC Online Store?

  • The LSC Store ships textbooks via UPS Ground. Shipments generally take 3-5 business days.
  • Orders placed through the online bookstore late Friday afternoons and over the weekends will not be processed until the following Monday as the LSC Store is closed during the weekends.
  • The following shipping & handling fees apply:
    • $8.00 – first book.
    • $2.00 for each additional book shipped in the same package.
    • $5.00 additional for choosing UPS insurance (if your package is lost or stolen during the delivery process, you cannot make a claim with UPS without having insurance; if your package is lost or stolen during the delivery process and you do not have insurance you are responsible for the replacement cost)
    • The fees for shipment to Alaska and Hawaii are higher in price and prices may vary. We are not able to ship overseas.
  • Tracking is not linked through the Online Bookstore and UPS. If it is imperative you have your shipment tracked, please contact the Online Store Coordinator who will manually retrieve the tracking number for you.

3. How can I pay for my books?

  • We accept cash, credit & debit cards, checks, and financial aid in-store, and cards and financial aid online.

4. How do I charge to financial aid?

  • Complete any required online procedures (filling out the FAFSA, accepting any granted or loaned money, etc.). 
  • If ordering online, choose the appropriate method of payment through the drop-down link (Financial Aid, PSEO, VA, or other third party).
  • If in-store, let the cashier know you're charging to the appropriate method of payment and present a photo ID (any photo ID possessing both your full name and a picture is acceptable).

5. What will I need to bring in order to charge?

  • For both online and in-store charging, you'll need to know your student ID number in order for us to properly charge to your account.
  • As mentioned above, for in-store purchases, you'll need to bring a photo ID (again, any photo ID possessing both your full name and a picture is acceptable).

6. What can I do if I am ineligible to charge?

  • The most common cause of ineligibility is missing a step whilst accepting your award. Log on to eServices, and check to make sure you've properly accepted your financial aid award.
  • If problems persist, you may need to contact the financial aid office on-campus.

7. What can I charge to my financial aid?

  • What you can charge varies by the type of aid you are receiving. Ask a bookstore employee to help you figure out what can & can't be charged!
  • For all forms of financial aid, charging apparel and gift items to your account is not allowed.

8. How do I make a return?

  • Returns are only accepted in new, unopened conditions within the 5 days after the purchase.
  • You must have the original receipt to make the return.
  • To return to a credit or debit card, you will need to bring the card that was originally used.
  • There are no returns on laptops or software.
  • To return an online order or EZ-Book reservation, contact the bookstore and we'll work with you.

9. My class was canceled, but I've already purchased the books, what can I do?

  • Contact the bookstore, and we'll work with you.

10. Do you still have questions?

Contact our store staff and we would be happy to assist you.

  • HOURS:
  • 7:30AM-4:00PM